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Sorry for the shaky hands and poor quality; here’s the question I asked Tatiana!

All the clones went through such journeys this season. Which was your favorite to explore?

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do you ever read a fic that is so much better than the actual canon that you get angry

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why you should make a webcomic and why you can make a webcomic


why should you make a webcomic?

  1. it’s regular drawing practice
  2. you get to draw and develop the universe your OCs live in
  3. you could draw your OCs making out with context
  4. see number 3

how can you make a webcomic?

  1. make a new tumblr
  2. install this theme https://www.tumblr.com/theme/37061
  3. post comics as you would on any other tumblr they show up on their own webcomic site

what if nobody sees my webcomic :(

  1. too bad you got to draw your OCs making out and nobody can appreciate your artistic genius obviously the world is not ready for this webcomic genius
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every so often in a lesbians life we have a moment where we look out into the distance, reflect on our life choices, ambitions and dreams, and think to ourselves…

"i’m gonna rewatch the l word"

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the knife thrower’s daughter is hands down, my favorite fic in the history of ever.

please please please read it, i promise it’s awesome.

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Finally, some good advice from Cosmo

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Mary Poppins Quits with Kristen Bell


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I would like Lucy Liu to be the next James Bond and Sebastian Stan to be her Bond boy.


Bonus: Natalie Dormer as the Bond villain

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